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About Project Blue Book

Welcome to the Project Blue Book club of SETI@Home. We are seeking knowledge through the SETI project using our virtual Super Computer. We are a TOP 100 Club at SETI@Home. We are a Top 100 Team at SETI@Home.

The Project Blue Book team provides chat room, email list maintenance, discussion board, member records, and comparison charts to enhance the activity. A Technical Help Desk message board for help with your computing problems, especially SETI related. A message board for running SETI@Home on old machines using Linux is also available. This message board also answers Linux related technical problems.

Project Blue Book was founded in September, 1999, by Brian Uitti, with concept originator Jack Reed. Early support came from Tharconian leaders, WakefieldAlien and DarkFlite, and our Shadows Theorist Jeff O'Callaghan. Brian's brothers Dan and Stephen Uitti provided additional development. Other early support was from Olde employees, Jedi, tobert, and Ganga.

Project Blue Book is a non-profit team to provide volunteer services to Seti@home as described by the scientific program. Early members are from different parts of the United States of America. A nation wide membership was quickly developed, which quickly lead to International involvement. Due to the team's early successes, many members joined the team through simple recruiting efforts.

September 1999 Project Blue Book founded.
23 March 2000 PBB recognized by Seti@home as a Top 200 Club team.
1 April 2000 The Citizens Of The Net SETI Club formally joins PBB, giving PBB a big boost and continuing big players.
16 April 2000 PBB recognized by Seti@home in the top 100 teams on the Top 200 Club team listing.
21 April 2000 The webpage domain www.projectbluebook.org was established.
22 April 2000 The Linux Cluster Project Yahoo message board was founded.
24 April 2000 PBB was recognized by Seti@home as a Top 200 Team.
10 May 2000 PBB members donated $125 to the Seti@home Project.
1 July 2000 PBB recieved a letter from the Seti@home Project.
12 July 2000 PBB was recognized by Seti@home as a Top 100 Team.
28 July 2000 PBB passed the 100,000 real work unit mark.
14 September 2000 PBB appears in the Seti@home donor list.
15 October 2000 PBB began offering computer assistance to Folding@home.
28 April 2001 PBB sponsors Horse Show events!
Diablo Arabian Horse Association: (DAHA)
32rd Annual Spring Horse Show
Solano County Fairgrounds
Vallejo, CA
May 17th to May 20th, 2001
1. #110 - Hunter Pleasure - Limit Horse.
2. #113 - Hunter Pleasure - Open
Note: The founding distributed computing project for PBB is Hunting Aliens, with a chief goal that members have fun! Hence, Hunter Pleasure.
BTW: Here's an Amazon recommendation from the Bay Area Equestrian Network (bayequest.com): How to Have a Successful Experience.
1 October 2002 PBB retains Top 200 Team status, but slips below Top 100 Club status by Seti@home.

For more information about Project Blue Book, send email to Dan Uitti.