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Project Blue Book Members,

Hey, we are making a small contribution to the science by providing our volunteer service and spare computer time to the cause. While much of this work could be done by some folks that get paid to do so, our addition to the virtual super computer is a very cost effective method keep this kind of project alive.

As you know, our team has had some great success in growing. We have been added to the Top Club Team 100 as well as the Top Team 200 lists. We never thought that this was possible when we started out last September. While many of you were working on this before we even got started, your joining our team has made the Project Blue Book a great success.

Science does not come cheap, and for those who have been involved in any kind of research and development, it takes a painful selling job to get the people in power to realize the importance of the basic science. Our end result will not be a product. Science is so elusive in that way. Watching the movie "Contact" is probably very realistic in how a scientist must beg public and private sources for the needed funds. But we have made our contribution, just by volunteering. Because we helped to build "the Super Computer", there is a political force that says SETI@Home is a viable long term project and requires funding.

Many individuals make a contribution of money to SETI@Home as you can see at the web site. These generous donations also help show that the public is interested in seeing the continued success and future funding.

When we first started Project Blue Book, we decided that we wanted it to be FUN. We believe that if we have a fun team, it will be fun to continue to contribute our labor toward the cause. But with this great success, we would like to get some well earned recognition. A small group of us have pledged to make a small monetary contribution to SETI@Home to celebrate making these two lists.

Each of us will make out a modest check payable to Regents of the University of California, and mark it with the notation "SETI@Home Project" and send it to me, Dan Uitti at 223 Buckingham Street, Oakville, CT 06779-1728. Then I will send all of the checks received by May 10th and send it with one form to SETI@Home at University of California at Berkeley. We will ask that "Project Blue Book" be added to the Friends of SETI@Home recognition page. This is how we will celebrate our great success.

By joining us at Project Blue Book, you continue to make your contribution with your volunteer efforts. I am not asking that you make a contribution, but you may. I am only telling you this because I want us to all share in the celebration of our success. We will enjoy seeing our team to continue to rise in the rankings, as well as see our team appear on the Friends page. No team has done that yet, so we will be a first.

We all look forward to the extended fun that we will have, working on this project.