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Something about Project Blue Book

Research Study: Should the USAF Reopen Project Blue Book.

and an insider's view of the Project.

S@H clubs

Project Blue Book Club Disscussions.

PBB Linux Cluster Project help & using older CPUs.

PBB SETI Technical Help Desk.
(Now an egroup)

PBB & The IsraAliens club discussions.

Ars Technica Lamb Chop club discussions.

The Knights Who Say Ni! club discussions, etc.


SETI@Home - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) at Berkeley.

Project Blue Book's Statistics Page at SETI@Home.

Project Blue Book's BOINC Statistics Page at SETI@Home.

SETI@HOME Top 200 All Teams Page.

SETI@HOME Top 200 Clubs Page.

Stephen's SETI Charts, at PBB.org.

Mostly Windows add on programs

StarMap Program by Tobia Wahl for MS Windows Home Page.

SETIbuf Program by Terry Lee for MS Windows Home Page.

SETIWatch and SETILog Programs by Mark Loukko for MS Windows Home Page.

JSetiTracker - Java Tracker for SETI@Home Home Page.

SETI Cache.

SETI Queue.

SETI Driver.

Support for S@H

Supporting Patch-Free Processing SETI@Home Home Page.

Getting Too Much SETI@Home? Get Help Fast - Carolyn's Clinic Home Page.


Setiweb.Org Home Page.

National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center's Arecibo Telescope.

Shadows Theory



WOW related

Wow decoded

Greats talk about SETI

The Big Ear

SETI League - calibrating WOW


NASA astronomy picture of the day.

Hubble Space Telescope.

Other Blue Projects

PBB Folding team stats

PBB Boinc Cern

PBB Boinc Pirates

PBB Predictor


PBB Boinc Climate

Portals & News

Cosmiverse - Your Universe