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Dan & Sandy Uitti reside in Oakville Connecticut.

Dan is a Software Engineer for Dasum Company, L.L.C. in Oakville, Connecticut. This work is primarily in the C language, Visual Baisc for the embedded system and Windows.

Dan is a member of the Watertown Lions Club. Dan & Sandy are both very involved in a number of Lions Club projects in the local club, District, Multiple District and International. He works on the webpages for www.lionnet.com and www.ctlions.org.

Dan has authored a number of seminars and talks on using the internet.
  • www.uitti.net/Forum99 - an online seminar about making webpages.
  • www.uitti.net/LionGroups - an online seminar about forming community groups of people on-line.
  • www.uitti.net/EmailLists - an online seminar about developing email lists on-line.
  • www.uitti.net/OnlineActivities - an online seminar that describes what Lions and Lions Clubs can do on-line.
  • www.uitti.net/OnlineMemReport - an online seminar that describes HOW Lions Club Secretaries file Reports on-line.
  • www.uitti.net/ngodpiexecom/NGOonline/NGOsGetOrganizedOn-line.htm - an online seminar that describes HOW Non-profits get organized on-line. - Affordable Communication Technology: NGOs Connect - How NGOs Get Organized On-line to Communicate

    Somehow the vacation pictures always slip in.

  • www.uitti.net/EnglandScotland - Dan and Sandy's trip to England and Scotland in 1998 - an awesome trip.
  • We also maintain the web page for the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program.

    Dan, along with his brothers Brian and Stephen also formed at team to work on Seti@home. The team is Project Blue Book at www.ProjectBlueBook.org.

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    Ohhh, here are the pictures of my computers

    Sandy is the primary proprietor of DaSum Company, LLC. DaSum Company is a computer technology project management group. It performs data services, computer installation, computer education and orientation.

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  • Connecticut Lions Page
  • LionNet International
  • Lions Clubs International
  • Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program
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