These are the pictures that Dan and Sandy took, while on vacation at the 1998 Lions Convention and vacation to England and Scotland.

Stratford Upon Avon Raft Race

  Ranjit Purewal joined us at the Raft Race at Stratford Upon Avon. The event was sponsored by the local Lions Club, with David Merrills returning to his club to help out with the announcements at the finish. We arrived in plenty of time at the race to see the many of the rafters cross the Finish line.

CT Lions on Parade

  What would the Lions Convention be without the parade. The Connecticut delegation had a great time at the parade in Birmingham. In spite of the fact that the streets were narrow, the leadership easily overcame the small difficulties in managing the banner.

Warwick Castle

  One of the really terrific castles in England is Warwick Castle. Very well restored, the castle and the grounds show what life may have been in the early days.

Gardens at the Castle

  We paused to take a look at the gardens near Warwick Castle. The rose is, of course, a symbol of England.


  The Coventry Cathedral was destroyed in the bombing during World War II. It stands in ruin adjacent to an all new cathedral of a modern era.
  In London stands the tower at Parliament, is one of the most recognized buildings in the world. We were lucky to see and hear Big Ben strike noon. We only spent one afternoon in London to see the sights. We found it easy to use the Underground to go the the Thames River and walk to Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, and finally Trifalgar Square.

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

  Crowds were waiting near the gates of Buckingham Palace with the hope to catch a glimpse of royalty.

Picadily Circus

  Picadilly Circus seemed to be one of the places where large crowds seemed to just hang around. The major shopping district of London had many of the large chain retailers from all over the world. We did not take the time to check any of the special deals. I guess we have New York for that.

Parliament along the Thames

  The touring double decker buses are quite a good value. A ticket is valid all day. The tourist may get on and off all day. We took a quick tour around all the sites, many of which we already saw during our lengthy walk. In spite of the cool weather, we remained on the top deck for the entire tour. This photo shows the Parliament from across the Thames.

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