PIII 450 - my main rig

My primary work station, featuring PIII450 Tyan Tsunami 1830 AT and Compaq Presario 1235. Notice the DSL modem, but 10Base-T hub is well hidden under papers.

Cleanup is quick and easy, simply by closing solid Oak roll top desk.

PIII 450 is running Win2000 with seti@home and folding@home running.

PIII 600 and P classic

ATX case featuring PIII 600 w/ 128 MB RAM and WinME. Running folding@home and seti@home nearly full time. On lower left is a monitor-less, Pentium classic running Win95 and buffered seti@home.

PIII will soon find a good home.

Computer junk

Clearly, a stack of computer junk. An old Pentium classic motherboard, with a tray of 72 pin SIMMs. A spare Celeron 566, an array of worn-out CPU fans, odd diskettes and network cables. This is one great place to start looking for a missing or replacement part. Just make sure that the old fan still turns before you BOLT on the case.

Computer junk

A stack of old Pentium classic motherboards with various problems. Bad CMOS battery circuits, bad ISA bus circuit. Among the pile, there are a couple of really great 486 VESA motherboards that are still good and reliable. Odd non-standard AT type case that boasts a 300 watt power-supply that awaits an eager hobbyist. A spare AT power supply and a stack of worn out generic serial Mice round out the junk pile.

Pentium Classic

A Pentium Classic in a AT case, running seti@home. A set of four “wireless network” cards sit there unused. Simply a neat idea, but do not work in many installations and has compatibility problems with other network software.

Dead Computers

Part two of the junk pile. An old monitor that works just great in 640 X 380 mode and a non-functional Gateway 2000 Pentium Classic. A stack of Motherboard boxes. These help Pine motherboards, that were used to breath new life into AT cases. They did not match the reliability of the Tyan Tsunami 1830 AT motherboard.

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