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Computer Skills Summary

Training, Project Lead, Project Management. Unix systems administration. Web master - Apache, Netscape, iPlanet, NCSA. Development lanugages: C, C++, sh, Forté, Java, Javascript, Perl, Microsoft Visual Basic. Web technologies include CGI (for http) & HTML, DHTML, FastCGI, Front Page. Reporting with Crystal Reports, Ingres Report Writer, MS Access, Brio, Jetform. Databases: MS Access, Berkeley DB, Ctree, DB/2, DB Vista, dbm, gdbm, FoxPro, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, MSQL (Mini SQL), MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL, Remedy, Sherpa and Sybase with Rational Rose. Operating systems: Unix (IBM's Aix, HP's HP/ux, Digital's Ultrix, OSF/1, True 64, Sun's SunOS, Solaris and Solaris x86, Interactive System's Interactive Unix, SCO Unix, Linux), Macintosh, VMS, VOS, MSDOS and MS Windows environments. Associated documentation in troff, MS Word, WordPerfect, Open Office (Star Office) and HTML.


April 2003 to present at DaimlerChrysler. Development and maintanance on intranet MarketVision web site. Support and development in Perl and Java hosted on Sun with Netscape and Apache (IBM) web servers using Sybase and DB/2 databases. Reports using Brio, Jetform.
Environment: WSAD, Windows 2000 pro, Windows XP, Sun, Linux, Netscape & Apache, Perl, ksh, sh, csh, Sybase, DB/2.

Sept 2002 to April 2003 at General Motors. Web Master for IS&S Electrical group. Support for a dozen web sites using NCSA and Apache web servers, on Sun, with access from Sun, HP, Windows 2000 Pro. Consolidation effort includes migration to iPlanet servers. Support for CGI programs in Perl, with migration to Java in a j2ee/Websphere environment.
Environment: Windows 2000 pro, Windows 95, Sun Solaris, HP HP/ux, NCSA 1.5.1, Apache 3.x, Perl 4, Perl 5, sh, csh, Informix, Oracle, Sherpa.

January 2002 to April 2002 at LDMI telecomunications. Billing queries and reports in Access and Crystal Reports, using data from MS SQL Server, Lotus Notes, MS Access, FoxPro, Remedy (Oracle on Sun Unix), via ODBC, OLE DB. Driving programs in Visual Basic for automated scheduler, driving Crystal Reports generation of PDF, RTF files.
Environment: Windows 98, Windows NT, Lotus Notes 5, MS Access 2000, MS SQL Server 7, Crystal Reports 8.5, Remedy 4, FoxPro 6, Visual Basic 6.

Contracts with MaximGroup / Tek Systems, 4/01 - 10/01:
July 2001 to August 2001 at ProQuest. Rewrote Library of Congress interface in Perl. Original Visual Basic version had become difficult to maintain, yet was the only reliable source of business rule information. The system digitally signs copyright material (including dissertations), sends it to the Library of Congress via FTP, and parses confirmation email to ensure that all requests were processed properly. Error handling for unexpected conditions was critical to smooth operation.
Environment: Windows 2000 Pro, Unix (Linux), Perl 5, FTP, Visual Basic, Outlook, Active X.

April 2001 to May 2001, September 2001 to October 2001 at Norton Healthcare. Installed new version (1.3.19) of the Apache web server on their IBM Unix (AIX) server for their Lawson accounting package. Configured, compiled and debugged C Apache from source to bind just those modules used by the application package. Performed initial load testing to ensure performance. Discovered and characterized DNS related performance issue which resulted in a factor of two slowdown for all screens. Provided work around and ample documentation so that the vendor could investigate further. Provided training so that in house staff could understand and maintain the web server. Worked with load testing staff and LoadRunner to scale Apache, AIX, Oracle, and Lawson application servers to handle 1500 simultaneous users. Provided "go live" support at product launch. It turned out to be a very smooth launch.

Environment: Windows NT 4, IBM's Unix (AIX 4.3), Apache 1.3.14 and Apache 1.3.19, C.

Contract with DPM Consulting Services, 7/00 - 2/01:
July 2000 to February 2001 at Ford Motor Company. Worked with design team on phase 1.1 and phase 2 of Constraints Management software. User interface is Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 5. Server runs with ASP on Windows NT with MS SQL Server 7. Integration with Oracle and DB2 databases on mainframe servers. Created HTML mockups for requirements clarification with customers and developers. Wrote specifications, test plans, detailed design documents. Crystal Reports - application optimized for use of Crystal's cross tabs. Delivery of reports in RTF and native crystal formats to end user's browser.

Environment: Windows 95, Windows 98, Front Page 2000, Word, ABC Flowcharter, DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, ASP, Crystal Reports 7.

Contracts with Systems Technology International, 1/97 - 6/01:
July 1998 to June 2000 at Olde Discount Brokers (now part of H & R Block). Developed and optimized web based applications for intranet using C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, Berkeley DB, DB/2, gdbm, ndbm, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle Gateway, PostGreSQL, Netscape SuiteSpot web server, Apache web server with CGI (Common Gateway Interface for http) and FastCGI (persistent form of CGI) on Sun Unix (Solaris 7) on x86 and Sparc hosts, with integration and cross platform development with AS/400, Novell server, and Windows NT. Project lead for projects in C, Java, and Perl with one to three team members. Provided Oracle DBA support when none was available, including query tuning, workstation SQL/Net setup, and database install. Worked with DBA when available. Worked with graphic designers on design of web sites. Worked with systems administrators on deployment issues, such as load testing. LoadRunner was used to provide multiple user web applications load testing. Some reports printed to printers near the users directly from the web server using Berkeley Sockets interface. Some applications reports delivered to user's browser using Crystal Reports in native format.

Web based applications written included Site Map Generator, Business Review, Institutional Trading, Branch Auditor's Checklist, Valueline Report Printer with Spooling Optimizer, Alert Broadcast, Standard & Poor's Mutual Fund Finder, Legal Reports, Broker's Contact Management, GIF Image Optimizer, and Orphaned HTML File Finder.
Environment: Windows NT 4, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.1, Crystal Reports 6, Sun Unix (Solaris 6 & 7), sh, ksh, C, C++ (MS Visual C++), Java, Javascript, Perl, Apache, Netscape, FastCGI, CGI, DB/2, MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL, Berkeley DB, gdbm, ndbm, gnuplot.

June 1998 at GenRad. Development of data entry screens for automotive testing application. Used Visual Basic on Windows NT with MS SQL Server.
Environment: Windows NT, VB 5, MS SQL Server.

March 1998 to June 1998 at BDM International (now TRW). Support and development for existing labor tracking system and budget planning system.
Environment: HP Unix (HP/ux), Windows 95 with MS Word and programming in MS Visual Basic, Oracle PL/SQL and MS Access.

November 1997 to March 1998 at Detroit Edison. Forté development for the Fermi II Nuclear Power plant. Developed interface to Docs/Open file archival product, file and object caching facility integrating with existing dynamic object system. Developed interface to Acrobat Reader for the CPEP project. Crystal Reports used to deliver CPEP reports to user's browser in Crystal's native format.
Environment: HP's Unix (HP/ux), Windows 95, Windows NT with MS Word, Crystal Reports and programming in Forté, OLE, Active X, C, Unix shell, with Oracle and Docs/Open.

Contracts with EDP Contract Services, 11/94 - 10/97:
May 1996 to October 1997, at Smith Kline Beecham pharmaceuticals. Translated historic Beecham data into newer format, and inserted it into an Ingres database. Embedded SQL in C in an Ingres environment running under the VMS operating system on a VAX. Other conversion utilities written in C. Web page development in Perl using a Netscape web server and Sybase database. Converted existing structure to Sybase's "web.sql" system. Developed server and application log summary code with a web interface. Enhanced the product's work flow features.
Environment: Digital Unix on Alpha, Solaris on Sun, Irix on SGI, VMS on Vax. Netscape SuiteSpot web server, Ingres RDBMS, Sybase RDBMS server. Netscape 2.1 & Netscape 3.1 clients under Digital Unix, Solaris, Irix, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh. C, Perl, Emacs, Vi, NFS, TCP/IP, Ethernet, X Windows, C, gcc, Lotus Notes, MS Word, Excel.

December 1995 to May 1996, at the University of Pennsylvania, developing and maintaining billing and authorization systems using Ingres and Oracle RDBMS. Embedded SQL in C, and Ingres report writer, sqplus and Perl programs were written. Documentation was delivered, and trouble shooting for the end user was performed. POP mail upgrades localized. Platforms were primarily Digital Unix (OSF/1) on Alpha, Digital's BSD Unix (Ultrix) on DEC MIPS, Unix (Linux) on Pentium & Windows on Pentium.
Environment: Digital Unix on Alpha, Digital BSD Unix (Ultrix) on DEC MIPS, Unix (Linux) on Pentium, Windows 3.1 on Pentium, Macintosh, C, Perl, Ingres, Ingres Report Writer, Oracle, SQLPlus, Emacs, Vi, popmail, sendmail, procmail, zmodem, kermit, lynx, Netscape 2.1 clients.

November 1994 to September 1995, at SystemHouse LTD. SMTS developing Computer Aided Dispatch systems for police departments, including Hamilton County and NYPD in C w/ Motif and Forté. Database programming with in-house DBMS and Oracle. Cutting edge object oriented design and development using Rumbough and Jacobsen methodologies and supported by tools such as Rational Rose. Street map development, geographic data conversion. Platform was AIX on PPC & R20s. Pushed migration from SCCS to CVS source control, to speed development.
Environment: Digital Unix (OSF/1) on Alpha, Digital's BSD Unix (Ultrix) on DEC MIPS, IBM's Unix (AIX) on RS/6000, C, Motif, Forte', in-house DBMS, in-house map generation application, in-house X-Windows Motif forms package, TCP/IP, sockets, FIFOs, Emacs, Vi.

Direct positions:
April 1993 to November 1994, at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Senior technical staff. Unix applications and communications development. Interbase RDBMS embedded C SQL code written and maintained. VOS applications development with Network Express. Cross platform interfaces designed and developed between VOS and Sun Unix systems.
Environment: Sun Unix (SunOS) on Sun, VOS on Stratus, Network Express, C, Interbase, Emacs, Vi, Edit, in-house Berkeley sockets communications modules for TCP/IP, async and bisync communications, Excel realtime, Lotus 1-2-3 realtime, Windows 3.1, TSO.

June - September 1992, at Dataware Technologies, Inc. Porting of existing CDROM database access library to Macintosh and INTERACTIVE Unix environments.
Environment: SunOS on Sun, Interactive Unix on 486, HP Unix (HP/ux) on HP 700, Macintosh, C, Think C 5, MPW C, MS Word, Kermit.

June 1988 to June 1992, at INTERACTIVE Systems Corp. Macintosh/Windows cross platform imaging application development using MPW C++, CNS Views for Kodak's Photo CD. Developed Macintosh tool for embedded help, for compatible help text with Windows SDK Help Compiler, Think C 5, TCL. Added Kanji support to OSF/1 kernel TTY driver. Added X.400 compliance to MH for IBM RS 6000. Developed benchmark code for C library. Performed SVr4 design studies, estimating time and resources required to port existing drivers, file systems, and applications. Team lead for POSIX 1003.1 compliance to INTERACTIVE's SVr3.2 Unix product, with four senior developers. Provided technical support to sales representatives with customer exposure. Evaluated benchmark acceptance suite for Unix porting project. Supported cross platform symbolic debugger for Unix porting project.
Environment: Interactive Unix on 386 & 486, IBM Unix (AIX) on IBM/RT, IBM Unix (AIX) on RS/6000, Macintosh, Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1, MPW C++, MPW C, Think C 5, TCL, CNS Views, Unix C.

City of Boston, Public Facilities. Wrote data entry/report generation system for project manager's manager. System tracked hundreds of ongoing projects. Software written for MS DOS. The program, documentation, and support were delivered in a timely manner, under budget in this consulting project.
Environment: DOS 3.1, BASICA, MS Word 3.0.

August 1986 to May 1988, at Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Science Center Computer Services. Senior Unix Systems Programmer Analyst. Management of diverse Unix systems running on VAX and PDP-11 computers. Managed junior Unix systems administration staff member. Worked with Help Desk manager and staff. Project manager with eight part time and two full time programmers developing non-heterogeneous multi-host networked charge back accounting system. Managed development of automated file recovery system.
Environment: BSD Unix on VAX, PDP, Digital's BSD Unix (Ultrix) on VAX, Ethernet, Micom switch, broadband net, C, sockets, DB/Vista, Microsoft Project.

June 1982 to August 1986, at the Purdue University Physics department: Unix system administration, and also programming in C, Fortran, PDP11 assembly, hardware support, tutoring, documentation. Implemented a device independent vector graphics translation package, supporting over twenty different local graphics devices - from graphics terminals & pen plotters to laser printers.
Computing Center: Unix support and development. Serial block protocol driver port involving kernel level memory management changes. Networking driver port of DEC's PCD11B interface.
Environment: 4.2 & 4.3 BSD Unix on VAX, Unix on Sequent, 2.8 & 2.9 BSD on PDP 11, C, Fortran, PDP 11 assembly, Vax assembly, Berknet, TCP/IP, BlockP, VM CMS on IBM 3083, Cyber 205.

June 1981 to June 1982, at Real Time Systems. Report generation for real time quality control system (in Fortran under VMS). Wrote a TTY driver for a local diagnostic operating system. Wrote diagnostic application for Unimation robot console. Wrote a floppy disk driver. Wrote a command processor for the diagnostic operating system to provide scripting capability. Wrote a multi threaded Z80 operating system and embedded application, with documentation.
Environment: VAX VMS, Fortran, VAX assembler, EDT, PDP 11 assembly, Z80 assembly, CP/M, Data/Man.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.

Diploma, Southwick High School, Southwick, MA.


Available on request.

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