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There are three columns - Name, CPU Fortnights, and Rank-Units/Fortnight.

The Name is the animal's account name as it appears on the Project Blue Book group statistics page at SETI@Home. The determination of what accounts are animals is made by the statistician. The table is sorted by this name.

The CPU Fortnights column is simply the amount of CPU time that the account has contributed, as measured in fortnights. Note that a fortnight is two weeks - or about a million (US) seconds.

The Rank-Units/Fortnight column is exactly what it says it is, no more, and no less. The account's rank, as determined by SETI@Home is multiplied by the number of units produced by the account, divided by the number of CPU Fortnights donated. Now, then, it has been asked what exactly this means. What does it mean to you? Keep in mind that the animal page is pretty silly, and try not to think too hard about it. For geek points, you might attempt to create an account that rates very high or low on this scale.