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Comma Separated Values

Singly Linked List
Maintained by suitti@uitti.net, Stephen Uitti
These C language libraries cooperatively provide CGI (server side web application) support. There are four libraries. The CGI library, libccgi, provides functions for HTML, navigation, database interaction, web login, etc. It uses the liberr library, which provides easy and flexible error reporting routines for CGI, command line, and other environments. This in turn is based on the libsll library, which provides singly linked list functions. These provide a handy interface for dynamic memory handling. Multiple dimensional data (such as all the columns in all the rows of a database table) can be handled. Lastly, file data in Comma Separated Values format can be read or written easily. This library is also based on the error reporting and list libraries.

Together, these libraries can conquer the world (wide web). Not bad, for a little over 10,000 lines of code.