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Short Essays

Another Earth

Blue Shift

Bright Star

Star Distance

Proper Motion

Earth Daze


Farthest Naked Eye Object

Faster Than Light

Time Travel

More Time Travel

Visible Planets

Loose Ends

Maintained by suitti@uitti.net, Stephen Uitti
These are short essays on astronomical topics. They have been posted to my astronomy journal, where reader comments can be made. Astronomy touches on subjects like time, chemistry, optics, cosmology, biology, fluid dynamics, and nearly every other aspect of science. So, a topic may take not take you off of your wrist, or even out of the atmosphere. Yet, a topic may take you to the beginning of time - or to the end. Don't be afraid of any simple math you may encounter here. All of these essays are intended to have a humorous aspect. This may cover irony, satire, puns, etc.

To the Universe and beyond!