Connecticut Lions License Plate

Photo of CT Lions Plate

 The Connecticut Lions are among the first civic organizations to take part in the State of Connecticut's Special Interest License Plate program. This is a fundraising project for The Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation, as well as a way to promote Lionism in our state. Every Lion can do the advertising.

Send Email to Sandy Uitti by clicking here -> and ask to have the state forms and instructions sent to you.

When you receive the forms, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

1. Fill in all appropriate boxes on the "Special Interest Plate Application" form.

2. Check one of the 3 boxes on the form (Transfer ... Replace ... New Vanity)

3. Follow the printed instructions of the form carefully.

4. Do Not fill in the ORG. I.D. NUMBER, or the 2 Liaison Boxes.

5. Please print clearly.

6. Sign the form at the X (Signature of Registrant) line.

7. Send the completed form along with 2 checks to the address listed below.

Check #1 for $20

Make payable to: Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation

Check #2 for $65 Make payable to: DMV

Do Not mail to the will be rejected


Mail to: Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation

P.O. Box 9268

New Haven, CT 06533

Special Notes:

1. If you plan to get a New Vanity plate call the Foundation office at 860-274-9065 (or email) and Sandy will send you the additional New Vanity Application Form.

2. If your current registration is due to expire within the next 45 days, hold this application until you have renewed your registration.

3. Camper, Combination, Handicapped and Camp/Utility Trailer are only available in "off the shelf plates in this Special Interest Plate.

4. Only Lions and members of their immediate family will be eligible for the Special Interest Lions License Plate.

5. Do not send this form to the DMV, it will be rejected. Send all paperwork to the Foundation Office.

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