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U.N. Conference

U.N. DPI/NGO Conference on-line - September 8-10, 2003

September 2003

(Update:  Support continues for the 2004 Conference at www.UNdpiNGOconference.org )

DaSum Company LLC provided support to a three day on-line conference for the United Nations Department of Public Information's NGO section. The website was primarily developed to encourage Non-government Organizations to learn and interact with each other toward a better understanding of the relationship between the U.N. and these organizations. 

The website provides a means for people to view live Video feed through UN Webcast, as well as archived Video of the sessions that have passed. It does provide a method, where a person that is viewing a LIVE session can ASK A QUESTION during the session's Question and Answer session.

Another part of the website is a feature where on-line visitors can share thoughts on the session topics through a single threaded Conference Forum. This is implemented like a Message Board.

The intention of the website is to provide a means for people to participate in a small way to the annual conference. While it may not be as good as an "IN PERSON" conference, it does greatly increase the possibility of participation to people that simply cannot travel to New York for the conference. This is the highest level of outreach that the United Nations has ever attempted.

The conference website is at www.ngodpiexecom.org/conference

Even after the conference is over, there are a number of activities possible by the visitor.

Video Archives of the sessions are available. 
A link to UN Radio can direct people to news.
For several weeks after the forum, people can continue to contribute to the FORUM.

The project was designed in conjunction with students at the Art Center in Pasadena. A Signature Video was provided that follows the theme of the conference art setting. The live and archived video programs were provided by the UN Webcast organization. Dan Uitti's work was to coordinate this artwork and video links into the website, and add the on-line Forum features. He also incorporated a number of features that are used to gather statistics where visitors would navigate. Mr. Uitti instructed students from DePaul University as well as a group of interns at the United Nations, who monitored the "ASK A QUESTION" messages and on-line Conference Forum messages.

Mr. Uitti will continue his work with the NGO/DPI Executive Committee with their website and help them to plan their 2004 conference at the U.N. and on-line. I will also consult with this committee on their "resource center" at the United Nations, where they maintain 5 computers. These computers are available at the United Nations for use by NGO representatives while they are active in their work. I also assist the Department of Public Information with their database of associated NGOs and conference attendance information.



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