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Avoiding SPAM

Tips on how to avoid SPAM
a tip from Keep Your Computer Alive

Unsolicited email has become so prevalent,  that people  with brand new email addresses begin to get SPAM almost right away.   The only way to avoid this problem is to start to take measures to avoid it.  I have some accounts that receive over 1,000 SPAM messages per day.  Certainly, I take steps to minimize  the amount of time that I spend managing this problem.

Use an email alias at your website.  Consider a displayed address as Temporary; forwarding email to your regular email address until the SPAM increases again.   Use an address such as info@myDomain.com or response@myDomain.com 
Maintain a free web-based email address, such as Hotmail or Yahoo for registering products.  Check this email just to REPORT and Delete SPAM.  These free services work hard to avoid SPAM.  Test this address regularly to ensure that the service still works; so that when you DO use it, it does work.  If it stops working, simply get another email address and test it before using it. 
Tell your friends to NEVER use an on-line website and register your email address. This means NO on-line greeting cards, NO on-line groups, NO on-line photos.   Tell them specifically that your email address is PRIVATE.   But if they do wish to share something with you, they can email you directly first.  At this point, you would give  them permission, along with your TEMPORARY address that you use for this purpose.
Never Send or Forward email to a large list of email addresses without using the BCC field.   You should not be sharing other people's email address with the whole group.  Do not use REPLY ALL, unless you know that everyone already knows everyone else.  You should not multiply the originator's mistake. 
Yes, you should show an Email address on your website.  This address must be one that you can change.  What would be the point of having a website with no way for someone to contact you electronically? 
You should be careful when you Report SPAM.  Try not to report your friends by mistake.  This may hurt their electronic communications.  If your friend is sending you TOO MANY jokes and other email, just ask them to STOP. 
While SPAM blocking tools and Email approval software works well, it is best to simply avoid SPAM, rather then ignore it.  At some point, your SPAM or BULK folder will have too much email in it. 

I do recommend that you own a Domain Name that can forward specific email addresses to your regular email INBOX.   One or more names can be your Permanent Alias, and others can be your Temporary Alias; where they are forwarded to that address if you wish.  Not all Domain Name providers perform this service.  I sell Domain Names for just $15 per year, which provides this capability.

The only way that the internet can continue to work for everyone, is for more education about the simple Rules of the Road.   Common  people will FLOCK away from the internet, or not use their email if this problem continues. 

Dan Uitti



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