Here are some of my Favorite Links:

Yahoo! is a terrific Internet Portal Site

Yahoo! Home Page

Google is a terrific Internet Search Site

Google Main Search Page

eBay is a the palce to buy and sell your Stuff!!!

eBay's Main Page

Search for Evidence of Extraterrestial Intelligence with the virual computer network of SETI@Home.

SETI@Home Main Page

Here's a link to the stats page for our SETI Group: "Project Blue Book"

SETI@Home Group Statistics Page

Here's a link to the Yahoo Discussion Group for our SETI Group: "Project Blue Book"

Yahoo Group: Project Blue Book

Here's a link to the Yahoo Discussion Group for other "Project Blue Book" projects

Yahoo Group: PBB Protein Folding Project

Here's a link to the Stephen's SETI Club Charts:

Stephen's SETI Club Charts

Here's a link to other Discussion Group Pages of Interest:

Musical Instrument Group Links:

Yahoo Group: Bass Place - to talk about playing at the bottom end of the groove.

Yahoo Group: Ibanez Basses - to discuss the Ibanez brand of Electric Bass Guitars

Yahoo Group: Electric Guitars - to discuss Electric Guitar!

Yahoo Group: strat - for discussion of the Fender Stratocaster

Yahoo Group: Stratocaster - for Stratocaster guitar fans

Yahoo Group: stompbox2 talk about guitar effects pedals

Fender Discussion Page! - Independent discussion group for Fender Instruments

Follow important Weather Developments at the Weather Channel Web Site.

The Weather Channel Home Page

The printed Newspaper is Obsolete! (They just don't know it yet!) Here's my local paper's Web Site - Contra Costa Times Home Page

My Employer is in the Packaging Industry, Visit our Web Page

THARCO Home Page

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